Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Statement of Completion Transit Projects


General Information and Instructions



The information provided on this form is collected under the authority of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Transit Project Assessment Process as prescribed under Ontario Regulation 231/08 of the Environmental Assessment Act.



1. Questions regarding the completion and submission of this form should be directed to Customer Services and Outreach Unit at the Environmental Approvals Access and Service Integration Branch (416 314 8001 or 1-800-461-6290).


2. Please send the completed form to:


Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Director, Environmental Approvals Branch

135 St. Clair Avenue West, 1st Floor

Toronto ON M4V 1PS

Fax: 416 314-8452


3. If additional space is needed, please attach a separate sheet.


4. Please print or type all information clearly.


Proponent Information


Proponent Name (legal name of individual or organization)

City of Toronto


Contact Person

Mike Logan

Telephone Number: 416-338-5568

Fax Number: 416-392-1591


Proponent Type:  Municipal


Co-proponent Information:

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)


Proponent Mailing Address

Civic Address

100 Queen St. West

21st Floor East Tower

Toronto, Ontario


Delivery Designator

City of Toronto

Ontario, Canada

M5H 2N2


Project Information


Project Name: Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE)


Brief Project Description

The SSE is the planned extension of Line 2 subway from the existing Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre, spanning 6.2 kilometres via Eglinton Avenue East, Danforth Road and McCowan Road. The Scarborough Centre Station will be located beneath the future extension of Borough Drive, just west of McCowan Road, and include a bus terminal. The project will also include eight emergency buildings, three ventilation shafts, and three traction power substations which will support the operations of the subway.


Date Notice of Commencement distributed: 2017/04/27

Date Notice of Completion of Environmental Project: 2017/08/24

Date Minister’s Notice given: 2017/10/30


Were any conditions imposed by the Minister? No

Were any notices to suspend the 120-day period given? No

Were any objections submitted to the Minister? Yes

Was a Revised Environmental Project Report prepared? No


Location of Public Available Documentation:

5 Park Home Ave

3rd Floor

Toronto, Ontario

M2N 6L4



Contact Person:

Gary Carr




Statement of Proponent


I,the undersigned hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge the information contained in this Statement is complete and accurate and I have complied with the Transit Project Assessment Process requirements set out in Ontario Regulation 231/O8 under the Environmental Assessment Act.


I,the undersigned, intend to proceed with the above-noted project in accordance with the: Environmental Project Report


John Livey, Deputy City Manager




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