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A Changing Landscape


In 2013, City Council confirmed its support for the Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE) – the extension of the Bloor Danforth Subway from Kennedy Station to Sheppard Avenue through Scarborough Centre to replace the existing Scarborough RT. The Scarborough Subway Extension Project Assessment (SSEPA), leading to the Transit Project Assessment Process, has been underway to determine the best route and station locations for the SSE.


























However, since the start of the SSEPA, the context for the project has changed:


  • planned GO Regional Express Rail expansion
  • the introduction of SmartTrack
  • a pause in the development of the Sheppard East LRT


These changes present new opportunities for enhanced connectivity and improved accessibility to better address the transit needs in Scarborough.


Two key priorities for transit in Scarborough provide strategic direction to guide decision-making. The key transit priorities in Scarborough are:


  1. Support the development of Scarborough Centre as a vibrant regional urban centre.
  2. Support the local development of Scarborough by improving access to transit and better serving existing transit riders.


Learn more about these key transit priorities


A Scarborough Rapid Transit Network


The two transit priorities for Scarborough are not easily addressed by a single rapid transit line.  For this reason, the proposed solution is to optimize the Scarborough Subway Extension, and to invest the savings into other rapid transit services that would be accessible to more Scarborough residents.


Key features:


  • Optimize the Scarborough Subway Extension as an express subway serving Scarborough Centre;
  • Optimize the Scarborough-Malvern LRT as an eastern extension of the Eglinton Crosstown (Crosstown East);
  • Include SmartTrack station at Lawrence Avenue East; and
  • Determine a rapid transit solution on the Sheppard East Corridor


This solution would:


  • Bring rapid transit within walking distance to more people and more jobs
  • Bring rapid transit stations to areas with greater development potential
  • Increase the number of jobs and other destinations that people in Scarborough could access on transit
  • Increase the number of people who could reach Scarborough Centre, the Financial District, University of Toronto – Scarborough Campus and Centennial College via transit


Scarborough Transit Network map with proposed SSE alingment , north
Scarborough Network map with Subway, EglintonEast LRT and SmartTrack, GO RER stations

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Optimized Scarborough Subway Extension


  • Reduction in construction and operating cost with only a small reduction in transit accessibility
  • Removal of intermediate stations between Kennedy Station and Scarborough Centre where there is low walk-in ridership and low development potential.



Addition of Crosstown East LRT


  • Provides a single ride across the City - continuous service from eastern Scarborough to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport
  • 8 km route includes 18 stops  providing fast and frequent local transit service in Scarborough
  • Serve 5 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, University of Toronto-Scarborough Campus, two GO stations, Durham Region Transit PULSE Bus Rapid Transit


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