Commuters wait to board a TTC subway as it arrives at a platform.
Commuters wait to board a TTC subway as it arrives at a platform.





On Monday, February 2, 2015, from 7 to 9 pm, the City of Toronto and TTC hosted the second of two interactive public meetings for Phase 1 of the Scarborough Subway Extension project assessment study. The meeting was held at the Scarborough Civic Centre, located within the project study area. Approximately 125 people were in attendance including Deputy Mayor Glenn De Baeremaeker and Councillors Jim Karygiannis, , Michael Thompson, Chin Lee and Paul Ainslie.


The purpose of the Phase 1 public meeting was to introduce the project, inform the community, and gather input on various aspects of this project phase. This included the study process (draft Terms of Reference), the corridors and potential station location options under consideration, how the corridors will be assessed (draft evaluation criteria) and how the community will be engaged throughout the study (draft Public Consultation Plan). Recognizing the importance of public input for this study, various methods were used to notify the community about the public meeting, including local newspapers, television, TTC ads, the project website and social media.


The meeting followed an interactive Open House format. At the beginning of the event a presentation was made by Tim Laspa, Director, Transportation Planning, City of Toronto.  The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, after which, attendees were invited to carry on the conversation with project staff while viewing the information boards.  Attendees were also invited to provide their thoughts and ideas related to key questions posed at multiple points throughout the open house. At the meeting, attendees posted their comments directly on information boards and maps, or used the Discussion Guide provided to give their feedback.



Highlights of Participant Feedback


The following quotes represent what we heard at the Phase 1 Open Houses. Not all comments are represented in this summary but will be available in the complete Phase 1 Public Consultation Report.


“What do you think?”


Draft Terms of Reference


Q. How can we improve the study process or Terms of Reference? Is there anything missing from the study process? The following comments are from both open houses.


  • The primary objective should be the shortest possible transit time from McCowan and Sheppard to the Downtown core. This will provide a viable alternative to driving  therefore; no transfer at Kennedy, shortest route with minimum stops
  • Contrasting comments regarding the planning process being too long or too short
  • The study area should extend to the eastern boundary of Scarborough to include the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
  • Consider provisions for a future extension



Draft Public Consultation Plan


Q. Who needs to be engaged in the study process? The following comments are from both open houses.


  • Form an expert Advisory Panel
  • Go to high schools, colleges and universities especially within the area being studied
  • Ensure that the voices of (existing) transit riders are heard, especially those who use the TTC for all sorts of activities not just to go to work and go downtown
  • Better involve  residents to avoid expensive mistakes



Draft Evaluation Criteria


Q. Which criteria are most important to you in deciding the best alignment for the subway extension? The top 3 criteria that were identified (from both open houses) include:


  • Affordability (Improvements to the transportation system should be affordable to build, maintain and operate)
  • Supports Growth (Investment in public transportation should support economic development; allows workers to get to jobs more easily; allow goods to get to markets more efficiently)
  • Shaping the City (Use the transportation network as a tool to shape the residential development of the City)



Corridors Under Consideration


Q. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each of the corridors being considered? Have we missed any corridors? Are the station locations appropriate?


  • Brimley Corridor to McCowan: Lawrence bus will have high volumes, build a big bus terminal

  • Midland Corridor to Markham/ Progress: It’s smart to plan for a future connection to Sheppard but this still leaves bus travelers crowding at Kennedy Station

  • Hydro Corridor to McCowan: Lawrence and Brimley is a good area for Lawrence Station for Scarborough subway bus terminal

  • McCowan Corridor: Many residents access the Scarborough Hospital via public transit – we need a stop at the hospital

  • Markham Corridor to McCowan: The Markham Road route is brilliant. It will serve the most and extend service further east

  • Bellamy Corridor to McCowan: This route will allow better access to the GO station

  • Midland Corridor to McCowan: No improvement on this route, it leaves most Scarborough residents on buses

  • SRT Corridor to Markham/ Progress: There should be a station location at Kennedy Road and Ellesmere Road

  • SRT Corridor to McCowan: Good option, there are residential retail and commercial land use on this corridor









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