Moving TTC Subway train enters a station.

City Council has confirmed support for an express subway to Scarborough Centre along the McCowan Corridor, with the station located on the west side of McCowan Road, between Triton Road and Progress Avenue beneath a future extension of Borough Drive. The project will include a bus terminal to serve local and regional routes.


This project is the subject of a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. As part of the TPAP, an Environmental Project Report (EPR) is being prepared which documents the planning process involved and the details of the Scarborough Subway Extension, including existing and future environmental conditions, the preferred alignment, station location and bus terminal, construction methods, and impacts, mitigation and monitoring measures. The TPAP will include further consultation with the public and stakeholders.


Notice of Commencement




The City and the TTC are moving forward with the Scarborough Subway Extension Project Assessment. So far, we have:

Finalized the study Terms of Reference,

Finalized the Public Consultation Plan,

Finalized the Evaluation Criteria,

Documented existing conditions in the study area,

Completed a preliminary analysis of potential corridors

Developed potential alignments and station concepts for further study

In the coming months the project team will be identifying the preferred corridor, preferred alignment and station locations, determining construction methods and developing strategies to mitigate any negative impacts. There will be opportunities to provide feedback on this work online and at public meetings.


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